How do I set up account?

o Type in into the TOOLBAR in your web browser and click on ‘CREATE ACCOUNT HERE’.
o Following the instructions and fill out ALL relevant fields and click SUBMIT
o You will receive an email to verify your account, then you can log in.

How do I place an order?

o Once you have created and account and are logged in, Click on ‘CREATE ORDER HERE’ the 1st page will display all options available for both breakfast and small break, scroll down and make your selections. For lunchtime go to the top of the page and click on the drop down that says: breakfast/small break. IF you select Lunch, this will load the lunchtime order sheet and again you can scroll down and make your selection.
o Once all selections have been made, click on ‘VIEW SUMMARY’. This will allow you to view your order before you place it. Once you are happy click on ‘PLACE ORDER’.
o Wait a few minutes for order to create, you will receive a ‘Pop up’ to say when your order has been created.
o The page will be re-directed to the home page, this page shows you your order history. You can double check here that your order has been place. (If your current order is listed in the order history, it went through.)
o You will also receive an email confirmation of that order.

How do I pay?
o Payment options at present to pay for your order:
1. You can put money in an envelope, with the child’s FULL NAME on it and place it in the drop box located near the canteen.
2. Bank transfer (email: for details)
3. Revolut: Type in 086 8276926 (Kelly Looby) Ensure Childs Name is referenced in the notes.
4. Stripe - Accessed through website: (Please note there is a transaction fee for this)
5. Paypal - Patlongcatering (Please note there is a transaction fee for this)
o Your account MUST BE IN CREDIT before you can place an order.
o PLEASE NOTE: Any money handed in on a Friday or over the weekend will not be logged to your account until the following Monday.
When do I have to have orders placed by?

o You can place orders weekly or daily.
- If placing orders weekly – the ordering system for the following week will open up every Friday morning and will remain open until the following Thursday at 8pm.
- If placing orders daily – the cut off time to place an order is 8pm each night.

What if I don’t get my order placed on time?

o If you don’t get your order placed on time, you need to contact Admin or the Canteen staff.
o Please note that in doing this, you cannot avail of your vouchers and will be charge for items ordered.

How do I add a student to an Existing Account?

o Once you log in – Go to ‘User Settings’ a tab on the top left-hand side
o Go down to Student information and click ‘Edit’
o Insert Full name of new child in the next available box. Also select the School they are attending.
o Click update
o Once you log back in, your new child will be added to your existing account.
o Please note: this function will only be available upon return to school, to allow parents to add new children. It will then be closed and you will have to contact Admin should you wish to add someone.

How can I cancel/modify my order?

o You can cancel a complete order but NOT a partial order. This means if you order daily you can cancel the order for the whole day but not just for one break. Likewise if you order for the week you can cancel the full weeks order but not individual days.
o To cancel individual days or orders please contact admin.
o Please note ALL orders must be cancelled before the 8.30am close off time of that day. If you cancel orders after this time, you may not receive a credit.
o To cancel or modify an order please contact admin before 8.30am of that given day ( or 086 8276926)

What if my order duplicates?

o If your order happens to duplicate, please contact admin to make necessary corrections or you may be charged.

If your order happens to duplicate, please contact admin to make necessary corrections.

o There is no credit facility, your account MUST BE IN CREDIT to place orders.
o Once your account hits a Minus value your account will automatically lock until the amount is paid.

What do I do if my child has any medical/dietary needs?

o Please contact admin to talk to one of the canteen managers regarding any medical or dietary requirements. ( or 086 8276926)

What can I do if my child is a fussy eater and doesn’t like anything on the menu?

o That’s no problem, please contact admin and we will contact you and discuss what they do eat and ensure we have items in place to make sure they get fed. ( or 086 8276926)

How does the voucher system work? (Johnstown Only)

o Each item has vouchers/discounted price are pre-loaded on the system where applicable.
o Vouchers/discounts are unique to each child and cannot be transferred to another child or sibling or to a different week.
o Vouchers/discounts are shown in the VIEW SUMMARY page, once your item has been selected. If a voucher/discount has been applied it will denote (*voucher used), at the end of that line item.
o Points to note with voucher/discount scheme: All students can avail of Breakfast Free of charge, 5 days a week. o Dinner/Lunchtime club is available under the voucher/discount scheme to all students 4 days a week.
o Small Break has 2 categories: €0.60c group and a €1.10 group (Both are availble 5 days a week). The €0.60c is available to all students 5 days a week and €1.10 has a limit on how many vouchers/discounts are available ( so the €1.10 group is worked on a first come, first served basis) - which means the system will close the vouchers for €1.10 once a certain number has been ordered. You can still avail of these items but your account will be charged. o Please also Note that for the Small Break you can only get a voucher/discount for either the €0.60c club or the €1.10 club NOT BOTH per day. o Vouchers will be deducted from the total price once your order has been placed.
o All items that are available under a ‘Voucher’ will be marked by an * symbol to identify same.

What happens if I cancel my order, can I re-use my voucher? (Johnstown Only)

o If orders are cancelled by the 8.30am cut off time, then yes that voucher will be added back to your account for that week.
o If you do not cancel your order in time, then unfortunately that voucher is now Null and Void.

What happens to my vouchers if my child is out sick? (Johnstown Only)

o Unfortunately, if your child id out sick the vouchers are null and void for that week but you will be issued new ones for the following week.

Where will I see my vouchers? (Johnstown Only)

o Vouchers are discounted on the 'VIEW SUMMARY' page, once items are selected.

What if my account doesn’t show vouchers in the 'View Summary'? (Johnstown Only)

o If it happens that you do not have any vouchers showing on your account, please contact admin to rectify this.

My vouchers are not working? (Johnstown Only)

o There could be a few reasons for this:
1. Your account could be in arrears; therefore, it won’t let you place an order.
2. There is a set allocation of vouchers that can be used each day, so if you are unable to use it for that day you will be able to use it for a different day. Therefore, it is advised to order early to ensure you use your vouchers.
3. You have used all your vouchers for that week and have no more left.

My child had to go home early?

o Unfortunately, if your child has to go home early and has an order placed, If it is not cancelled before the 8.30am cut off time that order will have been made by the canteen staff so your account cannot be credited.
o You are welcome to collect your item ordered before you leave if you wish.

I haven’t received a confirmation email?

o Please give the system a few minutes to process the order and send the email
o Check you junk/spam
o If you have still not received anything, please log back into your account and check you have the correct email registered.
o Once logged in also check your Order History, this stores all orders you have placed. If your current order is not on that page and you have no confirmation email, please contact admin.
o If your order is in the order history but still haven’t received a confirmation email, your order has been placed and received, you can drop us an email to let us know that your order has been placed but you didn’t receive confirmation and we will look into it.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

o Please contact us by email:

Office Hours

o Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm o Saturday – Sunday = Closed